GCN ITS provides technical expertise, support & project management services in two domains of activities

Railway Applications
& Electronic Systems

  • Technical specifications
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Software programming
  • System integration

Smart Ticketing
& Multi-services

  • NFC technologies
  • Calypso standard
  • Intercode & Intertic standards
  • AMC Multi-services standard



Intertool is a SaaS solution developped by GCN ITS for the analysis of Calypso portable objects. Intertool implements Intercode (NF P99 405) and AMC (NF P99 508) application data models

The Intertool software has been specially designed for consulting companies, transport authorities, operators requiring a Calypso portable objects and applications data analysis tool, independant from a specific ticketing system integrator.

Intertool's major advantage resides in its SaaS architecture, allowing remote and shared access to portable objects data.

Intertool can also be connected with a test case tool, sush as TestLink, to provide an integrated online test environment, ideal for ticketing systems interoperabilty acceptance tests

Intertool also benefits from constant updates.

The installation on the end user computer has been reduced to the strict minimum: a PC/SC compliant NFC reader, and a small footprint client software.

Follow this link to a demonstation server

Functionalities & Benefits

  • Compliant with Calypso standard rev 2&3
  • Compliant with NF P99 405 (Intercode) datamodel
  • Compliant with NF P99 508 (AMC) datamodel
  • Remote Read/Write functions
  • Portable objects content sharing
  • "dumps" comparison
  • Can be interfaced with external test software
  • Data Translation with network specific reference table
  • Scripting tool for custom datamodel analysis
  • Constant udpates as standards evolve


  • Calypso portable objects structure analysis
  • Intercode & AMC application data analysis
  • Application data life cycle analysis
  • Facilitation of ticketing systems interoperabilty acceptance tests

Product datasheet available for download here

About Us

GCN ITS started operating in february 2017 with the aim to provide technology consulting services to the actors of the public transport.
Georges Couenon, founder, draws upon over two decades of experience split between technical engineering and Intelligent Transport System (ITS) projects.
His professional life has taken him to numerous countries around the globe, though the bulk of his career has been primarily divided between Australia and his native France.
Since GCN ITS was created, with his wealth of experience coupled with his unique multinational work history, Georges has helped transport authorities, operators, system integrators, engineering & manufacturing companies, achieving their goals.


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